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Recruitment Strategies

This page includes a searchable database of strategies, programs, and reports related to the recruitment of teachers, something we also think about as activating the desire within many students to serve their communities in a meaningful way, with a special emphasis on recruiting for diversity. Specific characteristics of future teachers are listed when the resource specifically targets those populations. Resources can be searched by keyword and filtered by population and/or type of resource.

We welcome new strategy suggestions; you may submit them using the Recruitment and Strategies Suggestion form. Generally, these resources are available at no cost or through a subscription carried by CSU campus libraries.

View a list of barriers to teaching that have been used to address some of the real and perceived obstacles that teaching candidates face.

We welcome new ideas for activating and recruiting future teachers; use the Recruitment Strategies form to submit additional suggestions to the list.

​Our MSTI Database (a) will continue to maintain our comprehensive database with the names and contact information of everyone who has participated in our CSET workshops or CI 161 classes, as well as those who have received reimbursement for CSET or CTC fees; (b) MSTI will carefully track and follow up with all students/

Submitted by: CSU Fresno Populations: Math, Science, Undergraduate Strategies: Test prep assistance

​This annual conference is for high school juniors and seniors who are interested in becoming teachers. We recruit participants from high school teaching academies and linked learning pathway programs.

Submitted by: Fred Nelson Populations: High School Strategies: Special events

​The greatest success in recruitment efforts at CSU Bakersfield has been visiting undergraduate math and science courses and discussing what it means to be a math/science educator, including average pay in California, number of job openings, and the impact you have on the field by being an educator.

Submitted by: CSU Bakersfield Populations: Math, Science, Undergraduate Strategies: Presentations

​Math and science clubs on our campus now promote teaching as a career option.

Submitted by: ​CSU Monterey Bay Populations: Math, Science, Undergraduate Strategies: SCTA and other clubs

​The departments of Mathematics and Statistics, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Physics at CSUS have faculty who serve as single subject credential advisors. These faculty recruit and advise future teachers.​

Submitted by: Sacramento State Populations: Math, Science, Undergraduate Strategies: Advising and mentoring, Promotion by non-ed faculty

​Math Camp allows credentialed teachers to add a regular or foundational math credential to their existing multiple or single subject credential.

Submitted by: Humboldt State Populations: Math Strategies: Other

Fresno State's MSTI website describes upcoming workshops, financial incentives and pathways to math/science teaching, and news, information, and resources of interest/use to future and current teachers.

Submitted by: CSU Fresno Populations: Community College, High School, Math, Science, Undergraduate Strategies: Advising and mentoring, Financial assistance, Promotion by non-ed faculty, Social media

The number of undergraduates applying for scholarships has tripled from 2012 to 2016, which is helping to increase enrollments in the science credential program and STEM teacher candidates pursuing bilingual authorization.

Submitted by: CSU Fullerton Populations: Math, Science, Undergraduate Strategies: Advising and mentoring, Financial assistance