Leveraging Math, Science, Teaching Initiative (MSTI) Database

Description of Strategy

​Our MSTI Database (a) will continue to maintain our comprehensive database with the names and contact information of everyone who has participated in our CSET workshops or CI 161 classes, as well as those who have received reimbursement for CSET or CTC fees; (b) MSTI will carefully track and follow up with all students/teachers who have taken classes, CSET workshops/courses, and single subject teaching methods courses to make sure they are fully supported in their career goals. We’ll document student/teacher progress in taking/passing CSET subtests and their CTC credential application fee reimbursements, and compare our records to our credential analyst’s records. We’ll continue to advise participants on how to apply for their credential through Fresno State, and create a document that workshop participants sign certifying that they will apply for their credential through Fresno State’s credential office. We have updated and streamlined the application instructions for mathematics and science credential applicants with the support of our credential analyst. We’ll continue using the database to communicate with all MSTI participants, including advertising upcoming workshops/courses and conference opportunities.

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Strategy Created: 07/12/2024
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