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The CSU is committed to eliminating the state's teacher shortage so that all public school students have access to well-prepared teachers who represent the range of identities found among students in California's public schools. Working toward this goal requires both the recruitment of more diverse students into teacher pathways and the preparation of all teachers with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to create anti-racist, inclusive learning environments for their students. The Educator Preparation Toolkit shares work happening throughout the CSU to achieve this goal and welcomes additional resources toward this end.
group of diverse students giving thumbs up

Recruitment Resources

(ideas for recruiting diverse teacher candidates)

three collages of images all diverse instructors teaching small kids

Preparation Resources

(ideas for preparing teachers
who create anti-racist, inclusive
learning environments)

panel of three one is talking on microphone


(Events and webinars
for teacher
recruitment and Preparation)

a post-it on a corkboard


(faculty and staff
share their