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Title: Developing Pre-teaching Professional Pathways for Diverse Teacher Recruitment & Advisement (Educorps Forum Series)

EduCorps has developed a Recruitment & Advisement forum series for spring 2022 to engage campus-based advising and recruiting staff, faculty and administrators in discussions around issues that present challenges to students’ aspirations to become teachers. The goal of the series is to provide best practices to address the institutional and systemic barriers experienced by students from diverse backgrounds and to share strategies for student success system-wide.

Thursday, February 24, 2022, 11:00AM-12:30PM

Pre-teaching Practicum Experiences as Recruitment for STEM Future Teachers of Color (Moderator: Jamie Chan)

Recruitment of diverse teacher candidates continues to be an area of high need, especially in STEM disciplines. Exposure to early science practicum experiences for undergraduates, especially students of color, can play a role in reversing this trend by providing opportunities for prospective educators to observe and practice high-quality science teaching, access deeper science content knowledge and setting higher expectations for program completion. Learn about best practices when offering these hands on science labs from four long-running programs in the CSUs and hear experiences from former student participants who are now credentialed teachers.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022, 11:00AM-12:30PM

Diversity & Equity in Teacher Recruitment (Moderator: Cheryl Ordorica)

Why is diversity and equity important in teacher recruitment?  What factors lead to a supportive, inclusive learning environment for diverse teacher candidates?  How does validating interpersonal, social, and academic lived experiences and interactions attract diverse candidates in pre-teaching programs?  These important topics will be investigated further, and the main goal of this webinar is to examine best equitable practices to recruit diverse educators in pre-teaching professional pathways.  Some examples may include the development and implementation of tailored marketing strategies; foster an inclusive, supportive learning environment; sustain productive communication methods; and evaluation to assess measurable outcomes.   

Friday, April 29, 2022, 11:00-12:30 PM

Using Data, Technology & Systems to Enhance Teacher Recruitment & Outreach (Moderator: Jason Chan)

Technology is around us every day, but how does your team use data and systems as part of your teacher recruitment efforts?  After a recruiting event, how do you stay in communication with a prospect and nurture that relationship?  Do you collect data to help you determine what types of recruiting events and/or prospects have a higher probability of applying to your credential program?  There are so many tools and options that there is no "right" answer... as long as we're doing something on a consistent basis.  Join us for this webinar where we share and discuss some of the tools and systems our colleagues around the CSU system are using to help enhance our teacher recruitment and outreach efforts.

Educorps Spring 2022 Advising Forums: Developing Pre-teaching Professional Pathways for Diverse Teacher Recruitment & Advisement

Educar y aprender de candidatos plurilingües requiere que tanto estxs como el profesorado estén comprometidos to stretch their pedagogic, linguistic, and socio-cultural repertoires. En este webinar, tres programas de preparación de candidatxs plurilingües -SDSU, SJSU y CSUDH- presentarán como analizan, construyen, y evalúan practicas de aprendizaje que son pedagógicamente inclusivas, equitativas desde el punto de vista lingüístico y justas en términos de conciencia crítica.

To educate and learn from plurilingual candidates, students and faculty must be committed to stretching their pedagogic, linguistic, and socio-cultural repertoires. In this webinar, three plurilingual teacher preparation programs --SDSU, SJSU, and CSUDH- will present how they analyze, construct, and assess learning practices pedagogically inclusive., equitable in terms of language, and fair through the lenses of critical consciousness.

Drawing on cutting-edge research together with teacher and teacher educator experiences and perspectives, panelists discuss Ethnic Studies teacher education program development, curriculum, and pedagogies. Perspectives on policy advocacy for Ethnic Studies teacher certification are also addressed.

Join this national panel of specialists in ethnic identity development as they share how schools and colleges of education can design programs to respond authentically to the need for ethnic identity development in teacher education.  Teacher educators and classroom teachers will learn how to prepare themselves for guiding their students on the exciting journey of ethnic identity exploration in education.

Join us to discuss barriers to the recruitment and retention of future STEM educators of color as well as promising practices aimed at addressing these.  Interactive talking points include examples of strategic recruitment and communication; culturally responsive training and mentorship; advancing self-efficacy around STEM identity; and partnerships across organizations.  A panel of future or early-career STEM teachers of color will share their experiences in the teacher preparation pipeline to better inform this work. This presentation introduces the California Recruitment Group collaboration and its mission to address barriers to STEM teacher preparation pathways, particularly for future educators of color.

We also thank our guest speakers who shared their motivation to become teachers.

“I chose to become a teacher so that I could be the leader and advocate that I needed as a young black man. This vision has been made possible by the organizations that have supported me through this process professionally, financially, and even sometimes emotionally.”  - Malik Stead

“I would not be where I am today without the support of the CSUF community. Having strong mentors and being part of amazing organizations such as the STEM Future Teachers of Color Fellowship, Titan Future Teachers Club, and OLLI Mentoring program motivated me to follow my dream of becoming a mathematics high school teacher.” - Salma Albakri

“Community is essential for teachers of color to nurture their teaching identity and navigate the complexities of the pathway.  These programs are supporting our growth, our voice and our existence in one of the most critical fields in a just society. It was an honor and privilege to celebrate the importance and beauty of this work.” - Maya Cook

A panel of diverse educators from the CSU and the wider education community will share both vulnerable experiences and expert insights into how educators can increase their awareness of and advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community.

Educator Preparation and Public School Programs invites you watch ourSummer 2020 Webcast Series, featuring informative & essential topics from presentations by CSU Faculty.

Preparing Teachers for Diverse Classrooms

This webinar aims to inform and inspire teacher educators to engage in ongoing conversations focused on preparing teachers to promote just, equitable and inclusive education in California’s diverse classrooms.  Within this broad topic, a panel of CSU faculty (see panel BIOs b below) will share strategies and resources they use to help teacher candidates address issues related to bias and equity, both in coursework and in practice in Pre-K -12 school settings.  Participants will also share ways they connect with colleagues to move this agenda forward within their own professional context.

Topic 1: Credentialing issues during campus shutdowns (clinical practice, coursework, student applications, equity issues, and more) 
Dr. Marquita Grenot-Scheyer, Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Educator Preparation and Public School Programs, and Mary Sandy, Executive Director of the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, provided updates from the CTC and responded to participant questions and suggestions.  

We urge you to check the CTC's website This link will take you to an external website in a new tab. for updates about credentialing matters, due dates, and COVID-19's impact on credential students.  

Topic 2: "Pandemic as Trauma"
Dr. Bita Ghafoori, Professor of Counseling Psychology at CSU Long Beach and Director of the campus Trauma Recovery Center, described specific recommendations for teacher educators to support the social and emotional needs of credential students, teachers, PK-12 students, and their parents. 

This webinar will share system-wide perception data from new teachers regarding how prepared they feel to teach in diverse classrooms. Dr. Simon will model ways to make sense of these data and will explore possible explanations that can lead to improvement. She will demonstrate the use of “Empathy Interviews” with several CSU credentialed and early career teachers.