Bringing Awareness to Systemic Barriers to Recruiting and Sustaining Future STEM Teachers of Color

Date: Monday, April 15, 2024 - 10:12 AM

Join us to discuss barriers to the recruitment and retention of future STEM educators of color as well as promising practices aimed at addressing these.  Interactive talking points include examples of strategic recruitment and communication; culturally responsive training and mentorship; advancing self-efficacy around STEM identity; and partnerships across organizations.  A panel of future or early-career STEM teachers of color will share their experiences in the teacher preparation pipeline to better inform this work. This presentation introduces the California Recruitment Group collaboration and its mission to address barriers to STEM teacher preparation pathways, particularly for future educators of color.

We also thank our guest speakers who shared their motivation to become teachers.

“I chose to become a teacher so that I could be the leader and advocate that I needed as a young black man. This vision has been made possible by the organizations that have supported me through this process professionally, financially, and even sometimes emotionally.”  - Malik Stead

“I would not be where I am today without the support of the CSUF community. Having strong mentors and being part of amazing organizations such as the STEM Future Teachers of Color Fellowship, Titan Future Teachers Club, and OLLI Mentoring program motivated me to follow my dream of becoming a mathematics high school teacher.” - Salma Albakri

“Community is essential for teachers of color to nurture their teaching identity and navigate the complexities of the pathway.  These programs are supporting our growth, our voice and our existence in one of the most critical fields in a just society. It was an honor and privilege to celebrate the importance and beauty of this work.” - Maya Cook

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