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Recruitment Strategies

This page includes a searchable database of strategies, programs, and reports related to the recruitment of teachers, something we also think about as activating the desire within many students to serve their communities in a meaningful way, with a special emphasis on recruiting for diversity. Specific characteristics of future teachers are listed when the resource specifically targets those populations. Resources can be searched by keyword and filtered by population and/or type of resource.

We welcome new strategy suggestions; you may submit them using the Recruitment and Strategies Suggestion form. Generally, these resources are available at no cost or through a subscription carried by CSU campus libraries.

View a list of barriers to teaching that have been used to address some of the real and perceived obstacles that teaching candidates face.

We welcome new ideas for activating and recruiting future teachers; use the Recruitment Strategies form to submit additional suggestions to the list.

​Math/Science Ambassadors – CSUF undergraduates are recruited and trained to work with learners of mathematics and science in high-need middle schools.

Submitted by: CSU Fullerton Populations: Math, Science, Undergraduate Strategies: Early field experiences

​Outreach and Promotion: Social Media, Bling, Open Houses, etc. The MSTI Director promotes single subject math and science teacher pathways through presentations at various venues.

Submitted by: CSU Fresno Populations: Community College, High School, Math, Science, Undergraduate Strategies: Presentations, Social media, Special events

As part of the CSULA partnership with the Stern Math and Science School (grades 9-12), which opened in 2006 and now housed on the Cal State L.A. campus, CSULA MSTI Team members provide professional development workshops and training for its faculty members.

Submitted by: CSU Los Angeles Populations: High School, Math, Science Strategies: Professional conferences

​Recruitment events featuring classroom teachers. Based on ideas learned from the Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership (MTEP), we held several face-to-face recruitment events on campus in 2016-17.

Submitted by: CSU Fullerton Populations: Math, Undergraduate Strategies: Promotion by non-ed faculty, Recruitment fairs

Using existing support and program elements, we have developed pathways for qualified undergraduates and credential candidates to obtain the foundation level math credential either as a stand-alone credential, or as an additional credential.​

Submitted by: Humboldt State Populations: Credential Student, Math, Undergraduate Strategies: Other

​Mathematics Education Career Advising - We advise those interested in pursuing or enhancing their careers in secondary mathematics teaching. Multiple pathways explained. Entry to HSU and other CSU Campus credential programs supported. Additional certification information provided.​

Submitted by: Humboldt State Populations: Math, Undergraduate Strategies: Advising and mentoring

Pair future teachers with faculty mentors or TK-12 teachers to do informal mentoring.  Recruit mentor teachers who are willing to volunteer their time if stipends are not available.  Mentees can observe the mentor teacher (20 hours for the semester) and provide one-on-one mentoring outside of the classroom.  A mentor can

Submitted by: Aimee Nelson Populations: Undergraduate Strategies: Other

​CSME works with the Mathematics, Engineering and Science Achievement (MESA) program at SF State to send engineering and mathematics students from underrepresented groups to middle and high schools to tutor and help recruit students into careers in math and engineering, including math and science teaching.​

Submitted by: San Francisco State Populations: Math, Science, Undergraduate Strategies: Early field experiences