Barriers to Teaching

The first column in the table below describes some of the common obstacles that teaching candidates encounter when considering a career in education. The second column lists strategies that have been used to address these obstacles. Most of these strategies are described in this website's recruitment toolkit.

Financial Pressures
  • Tuition costs and loan debt
  • Temporary loss of job income
  • Costs for exams
  • Teacher pay too low

Publicize widely:

  • Grants and scholarships
  • Internships and residencies
  • Evening credential programs
  • Exam fee reimbursement
  • Compensation packages including benefits
Exam Pressures
  • Test prep workshops (in person and online) and tutoring
  • Absence of diversity in the teaching profession
  • Absence of diversity in credential programs
  • Develop diverse communities of practice with teaching prospects, credential students, and PK-12 mentors
Employment Concerns
  • Won’t get hired in desired districts
  • Will get laid off

Publicize widely:

  • Local employment opportunities
  • Employment opportunities and layoff trends
  • Lack of respect from peers, family, media, and society
  • Emphasize purpose-driven careers and the impact teaching has on individuals and communities
  • Interact with PK-12 role models
  • Invite parents to recruitment events