Urban Narratives: Life at the Intersections of Learning Disability, Race and Social Class


Dr. David J. Connor describes in vivid detail the lives of high school and former high school students of color with learning disabilities at the intersections. Many of the portraits feature students at the intersections of race, dis/ability, LGBTQ status, food and housing insecurity, and trauma. Each portrait also details information directed from students to teachers and what the students (portraits) wished that teachers knew about their lives, their hopes, dreams, fears and how to support them.  Dr. Saili Kulkarni uses the following engagement activities with the text for teachers in special education, general education, and other majors: 1) Zoom guest speech with the author where students have the opportunity for an in-depth discussion of the portraits; 2) Reading reflections connecting students' school practices with the text; and 3) Lesson facilitation, where undergraduate and credential students put together a course lesson focused on the differences between the IEP diploma given in some districts to students with disabilities and a regular high school diploma.


Connor, D. J. (2008). Urban narratives: Portraits in progress, life at the intersections of learning disability, race, & social class (Vol. 5). Peter Lang, Inc.

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