Implementing Effective Instruction for ELLs


This book provides step-by-step guidance for district-wide committees, school leadership teams, and teacher teams committed to ensuring that the ELLs in their classes, schools, and districts are successful and can reach high core content and English language development standards. It takes a comprehensive, systemic, and strategic approach to educate all students, particularly ELLs. The 12 Key Practices Framework is divided into four parts:

  1. Shared practices at the district, school, and classroom levels
  2. Common classroom practices for all ELL educators
  3. Core instructional practices of every program for ELLs
  4. Organizing the key practices into effective program configurations

Wagner, S. & King, T. (2012). Implementing Effective Instruction for English Language Learners: 12 Key Practices for Administrators, Teachers, and Leadership Teams. Philadelphia: Caslon, Incorporated. 

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