Diversity and Equity in the Classroom


Diversity and Equity in the Classroom brings theory and practice together using a student-centered and culture-centered approach. The book is based on a philosophy of social justice and student success for all. In the text the importance of the ethic of care in the classroom and how caring and social justice go hand in hand is presented. The text includes charts, drawings, and photos that teachers can use to teach about types of oppression such as sexism, racism, classism, religious bias, homophobia, and discrimination toward students with exceptionalities. Timelines present not only issues of oppression, but also actions that underrepresented communities have taken leading efforts against social inequalities. These timelines include descriptions about the work that women, Native Americans, Latinxs/Hispanics, African Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, LGBTQs, and Jewish Americans engaged in to fight injustices. A chapter focuses on creating culturally relevant lessons by building on student knowledge and experiences. A chart provides examples of how to integrate student-cultural knowledge into the classroom curriculum. The text examines the concept of intersectionality throughout the classroom and illustrates how various aspects of oppression come together and are interrelated.


Pang, V. O. (2018). Diversity & equity in the classroom.  Boston, MA:  Cenage Learning.

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